A collection of free and commerical content


This is a stylised skull using the iconic Obama Hope theme made famous by Shepard Fairey. Its available on my Redbubble store on a number of items including T-shirts, phone cases, stickers, and magnets, but it looks especially good as a framed print.


This is an image of a London underground sign with the destination 'Resist'. It was created very much with the likes of Shepard Fairie in mind.

Its available on my Redbubble store, on various T-shirts, wall art (which I recommend), as well as phone cases and stickers.

Second Life is an almost infinite resource to tap into creatively, and I have recently been exploring ways of utilising it as a tool for creating animated art gifs. By using a few basic prim shapes and some simple scripts, what could take hours to make in either 2D or 3D graphics software can take just a fraction of that time.
Lusus-art is a platform for me to share various streams of art work. Included here is some free as well as commercial content.