Halloween Assets for Affinity Designer

This free Halloween assets collection for Affinity Designer includes an SVG of all the graphics
seen to the left, an Affinity Designer file, an assets file of the graphics, and a styles file. the assets file  will allow you to quickly drag an item onto the canvas area, whilst the styles file lets you add backgrounds in no time.

There is also a PDF file that explains how to install both the assets file and the styles file for those who may not be sure, and it also explains the license agreement. Basically these assets are free and can be used in commerical projects, but they must not be sold in their current form. They cannot be sold or given away as an assets pack, or as part of a design that can be taken apart so the individual parts can be used in other designs.

Grab this free assets pack by hitting the Gumroad button below. When the window opens scroll down and add your fair price (0 if you prefer). then hit the 'I want this' button.

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