Animated Gifs From Second Life

Second Life is an almost infinite resource to tap into creatively, and I have recently been exploring ways of utilising it as a tool for creating animated art gifs. By using a few basic prim shapes and some simple scripts, what could take hours to make in either 2D or 3D graphics software can take just a fraction of that time.
Other software is also needed to get the work out of Second Life, such as a way to capture the animation, possibly software to convert the video to another format, and more software to change the video to an animated gif. The software I have used (which are mostly free) include:
View the animated gifs below and see what is possible when using Second Life to create such images - I think you'll see I have only just began to scratch the surface. You can also see these gifs and more at the Gallery in Second Life.

If you would like to see how I created these animated gifs, you can view the tutorial on SL-Inspiration.

Lusus-art is a platform for me to share various streams of art work. Included here is some free as well as commercial content.