A collection of free and commerical content

This collection of paper cut flower assets for Affinity Designer are ideal for Valentines Day and spring designs. Included are two Affinity files that contain the paper cut flowers. One set of flowers are noncoloured, so you can easily add your own and make the flowers unique to you.

The second Affinity file contains coloured flowers that can be used as is.

There is a third Affinity file, and that contains the Valentines image seen here.

The fourth file included here is the set of assets. This consists of the flowers included in the Affinity files, both blank and coloured. This means paper cut designs can quickly and easily be created by dragging flowers from the assets window onto the canvas area. There are also flower components such as petals and flower centres, to enable you to make your own flowers almost from scratch.

 Download the Assets file from my Ko-fi store.

This free Halloween assets collection for Affinity Designer includes an SVG of all the graphics
seen to the left, an Affinity Designer file, an assets file of the graphics, and a styles file. the assets file  will allow you to quickly drag an item onto the canvas area, whilst the styles file lets you add backgrounds in no time.

There is also a PDF file that explains how to install both the assets file and the styles file for those who may not be sure, and it also explains the license agreement. Basically these assets are free and can be used in commerical projects, but they must not be sold in their current form. They cannot be sold or given away as an assets pack, or as part of a design that can be taken apart so the individual parts can be used in other designs.

Grab this free assets pack by hitting the Gumroad button below. When the window opens scroll down and add your fair price (0 if you prefer). then hit the 'I want this' button.


We are all a little weird in our own way, and this design lets you own that. It is available on a number of items, such as a variety of T-shirt styles, badges (pins), face masks, stickers, phone covers, and many more.

Grab the Weirdo design here.


Continuing with the anti-establishment and outsider theme, this is a work I created to show the strength of feeling Jeremy Corbyn's supporters have for him. Corbyn is certainly an anti-establishment figure which is probably why so many people invested so much hope in him.

The intention here was to create something with a strong nod to Shepard Fairey's Obama Hope image, but without slavishly imitating it. 

This design is available on my Redbubble store and is featured on around 44 items.


Another typography themed design, featuring the word 'notorious'. This looks good on T-shirts, but as with most items stickers and magnets offer an affordable way to sport this graphic. Take a look at what other products work well this design in the Redbubble store.

 Another typography example, this time with a pop art theme. This motif is available on a number of items in my Redbubble store. Some items will have the blue background seen here, whilst others, namely T-shirts will just feature the text.


I saw this typography style elswhere and wanted to see how tricky it was to do. Thankfully not tricky enough to stop me from creating my own version.

This is now one of my typography designs in my Redbubble store. Its available on T-shirts among other items, but probably looks best as a sticker or a phone case.


This is a download of free Christmas icons to use how you see fit, with no copyright restrictions, although an attribution to this website would be appreciated. Simply add the following to your webpage:

 <a href="">Lusus-art</a>

There's also a collection of Gimp brushes included in the zipped folder, created from the icons to add a touch of festivities to your designs.

If you need a little assistance installing the Gimp brushes there are instructions on SL-Inspiration. Just follow the link for more info.

Enjoy using your icons!

Get the download

Since its close to the festive season I thought I'd make this Christmas wreath free to download as an EPS file. It can be used in your own projects how you see fit, although it would be very much appreciated if the following url was included wherever you use it:

<a href="">Free Image from Lusus-art</a>

EPS files can be opened in many apps, including Illustrator, Inkscape and Affinity Designer, so there's no need to worry if its suitable for your prefered software.

Along with the wreath the download includes a section of the wreath and one of the lights as SVG files so you can experiment and use them in your own designs.

Download the vector files from my Ko-fi store.


Some time ago I created these images of Shakespeare in the Obama Hope style, including a quote from his work. I'm not sure why I wanted to use that style, but surprisingly no one had done it before. There are a number of apps that will apply the Obama Hope style to an image, but in truth they don't do a great job. It really needs to be done by hand.

These images are available as wall art, T-shirts and stickers etc in my Redbubble store.

Lusus-art is a platform for me to share various streams of art work. Included here is some free as well as commercial content.